Reflections is a blog to share and document my thoughts on Christian theology and living. Another goal of Reflections is to facilitate healthy discourse about Christian topics, so I encourage anyone who has questions, comments, disagreements, or suggestions for future topics to reach out! I hope and pray that these articles can aid readers in more deeply pondering or considering the Christian faith.

Spiritual Background

Knowing the context of one’s spiritual background can help understand their perspective. I grew up Protestant (Methodist/Baptist/Assemblies of God), and started thinking seriously about theology and apologetics after entering undergraduate studies. I wrote for the Christian journal MIT et Spiritus on various theological and Christian living topics. Later on in my undergrad, I began learning more about Catholicism and did fellowship with them for some years. Afterwards I did the same with Orthodoxy. My research and fellowship with the three branches of Christianity, in addition to the thoughts of the early Church fathers, heavily influence my perspective on all Christian topics. I currently attend a Presbyterian (PCA) church.

About Me

I’m Ronald, and I enjoy writing theology & philosophy, hiking, and playing tennis, pickleball, and video games, among other things. I earned my B.S. from MIT in Electrical Engineering & Physics, and am currently a Ph.D. student at MIT for Electrical Engineering.